Announcing New Collaborations with Western Michigan University and University of Houston

We are thrilled to announce we've begun conducting discovery engagement activities for the University of Houston (UH) and Western Michigan University (WMU), evaluating their user experience from three viewpoints: people, process, and technology. The end goal: creating more meaningful engagement between these institutions and their audiences.

In addition, Chief Strategist Guy Felder and S+S Staff will share their experience in helping our higher education clients better engage with their target audiences at UBThrive, the conference for institutional and student success. Their presentation, Creating a New Student Experience for a Connected World, will take place at 9:50 AM on Wednesday, June 17, 2015.

“In this first phase, Story+Structure is helping us to refocus our operations and processes, with the goal of improving our students’ experiences” said Diane Burkett, Director of Marketing for UH. “The way people look for education, their expectations for access to learning opportunities, has changed. This project will enable us to truly respond to the needs of today’s marketplace by building out an optimized student experience based on the information we learn in this initial discovery phase.”

“Story+Structure’s human-centered design approach has great appeal to us, as we work with them to better understand the wants, needs, and likely behavior of all our key stakeholders,” said Lisa Emery, Executive Director of Enrollment Management and Marketing, WMU.

We look forward to collaborating with UH and WMU to transform they way they interact with their students. Stay tuned for continued insights into these two projects and higher education engagement news.