The world moves fast.

As we we do our best to keep up (and contribute) to the changes around us, we try to stay informed. As a consequence, we are always trading articles and resources that inform and inspire us to do our work and to live our lives. These resources usually become great conversation starters among colleagues and team meetings. Inevitably they lead to additional information and expose us to new and exciting technology, trends, and philosophy.

This ongoing information trade being one of our favorite office activities, we thought to share some standouts with you from time to time. Without further ado, here's a selection of what's kept thinking, dreaming, and working this month. Hopefully, they'll lead you down the rabbit hole and keep your mind sharp just as they've done to us:


Does responsive web design make you more money?

Getting your website mobile-ready is attracting a lot of attention of late. Just yesterday Google rolled out a hefty algorithm change that will put an increased emphasis on mobile-usability as a key ranking factor. 

Most businesses are starting to realize that more customers are visiting them on the web via their mobile devices yet few are acting on that potent piece of information. In a recent study of the top 10000 websites, fewer than 19% were utilizing responsive design, and for the top 100 websites that number is a puny 12%. Some of the largest companies in the world are serving up a very poor user experience to about half the users hitting their site... Continue reading at Web Designer Depot+

9 top designers on what every new grad should know

Designers at Ideo, Autodesk, Huge, Sagmeister & Walsh, and more provide pears of wisdoms for the next generation of design talent.

'Tis the season. Caps are flying all across the country as the latest generation of design graduates collect their sheepskins. Soon, they'll hit the pavement, looking for their first real jobs. Should they head to Silicon Valley? Should they toss their sketchbooks and learn to code? We asked designers from Huge, Sagmeister & Walsh, Autodesk, and more if they had any pearls of wisdom for design graduates as they start their careers. Here's what they had to say... Continue reading at Fast Co.Design+

The difference between Apple and Samsung industrial design

"Paint the back of the fence", has been referenced time and again, "because you'll know."

It's a quote from the late Steve Jobs' father intended to help instill pride in craft. Jony Ive, Apple's senior vice president of design, has spoken numerous times about the importance and inevitability of great design as well, about the care and consideration it takes, and how people notice it even when they don't notice themselves noticing it... Continue reading at

Death, redesigned

There’s an ugliness — an inelegance — to death that Paul Bennett gradually came to find unacceptable. It seems to offend him the way a clumsy, counterintuitive kitchen tool might, or a frumpy font. At first, that disgruntlement was just “a whisper in my mind,” Bennett explains. “But it’s gone from being a whisper to a roar.” The solution, when it finally occurred to him, felt obvious. “Oh,” he told himself. “You need to redesign death.”

Bennett is 51 — 30.7 years to go, if the demographic data is reliable — a blindingly energetic British man with unruly brown hair. He works as chief creative officer at Ideo, the global design firm that’s renowned for its intuitive, wizardly touch... Continue reading at The California Sunday Magazine+

My ride in the sci-fi car of the future

Are fully autonomous, “driverless” cars within grasp? A new Mercedes-Benz prototype shows the possibilities.

I felt a bit uneasy as a Mercedes-Benz self-driving car chauffeured me and my fellow passengers around an abandoned military airfield. No one was watching the road.

A computer ably steered the car around in gentle loops and, presumably, would have stopped if another car careened in our path. (In fact, the tarmac was closed to traffic.) But I felt unnerved, particularly after the Mercedes “driver” and I did what would be unthinkable in a normal car: We swiveled our seats to face backwards... Continue reading at Fortune+

Juice your apple devices with this fun juice box charger

What’s the best way to give your iPhone some battery life? With the 100 percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack, of course.

This compact backup battery pack is a charming and playful way to charge your USB-powered devices.

Created by and sold on Photojojo!, it is designed to look like an apple juice box, making it the perfect accessory for your Apple gadgets.

The product description for the 100 percent Energy Apple Juice Power Pack reads... Continue reading at Small Business Trends+

Start With a Cupcake

The quicker you can get feedback on what you’re thinking the better your idea will be. Usage is oxygen for ideas.

The above drawing is adapted from a Peter Merholz presentation, and shows two ways to plan out baking a wedding cake. The classic way people think about baking has them focussing of the individual ingredients, each of no value to the end user. You can deliver the base first, then the filling, and finally the icing. Only at the end of the final phase do you have something edible; something you can learn from... Continue reading at Intercom+