Marketing, especially content marketing, is like exercising. Working out is a no brainer. It makes us feel better and improves our health. Content marketing is no different. It is not always easy to directly attribute the results of the work to the effort that brought it about.

At Story+Structure, when it comes to content marketing we know that we should do it. Ironically, effective content marketing creates the biggest barrier to achieving consistency and leaves less time to attend to the very activities that got us here. When content marketing works, proposal requests and client meetings fill the calendar taking time away from, well, marketing!

There was a time when working out was a key part of my weekly routine. Lifting weights made me feel good and helped to burn off stress and anxiety. On days where I had the energy and time to go, hitting the gym was easy. On the days when I did not have the energy or the time, it was easy to come up with reasons not to. Those days when I went, even though I didn't feel like going, were the ones that mattered the most. The same is true for marketing. When you start to think that you can let it slide for a week or two to deal with something else, don't. That is the time when getting a blog entry in, an email out, or tweet set up for next week counts the most.

At Story+Structure we have not just missed a workout or two, we've taken almost a year off. The silence gives the appearance that we have been still. Nothing could be further from the truth. We were developing new ways to bring human centered design to the world. We look forward to sharing what we've been up to, as well as some of the success stories from clients who partnered with us as early adopters.

We have a new story to tell. Keep your eyes on our blog for regular updates on projects, interviews, and other content. Like gym goers everywhere, we are starting back to blogging.  Or, for lack of better term, keeping in touch.