Welcome to the first installment of "On the Road." As Story+Structure's Chief Strategist I spend most of my time in front of clients. With clients in North America and Europe I am on the road a lot. I'm going to be posting from time to time about the clients I am meeting, our work together, and other fun stuff.

From the second half of December to the first half of January I get to take a break from traveling. Staying home is nice, but I always look forward to getting back out to see clients. This month I visited two clients as well as a start-up that is doing some interesting work.

My first trip was to the land of the endless summer - Southern California. I led an executive retreat for the new leadership team at CSU Fullerton's University Extended Education and Global Engagement division. Together, we reviewed their strategic goals for 2017. We then looked at how human centered design can help them to reach those goals. Together, we identified several projects, built initial project teams, and developed a timeline. Most importantly, CSUF has a clear plan to reach their strategic goals.

Next, I made a quick stop in San Francisco to meet with Praveen Shanbhag, Founder and CEO of NameCoach. NameCoach aims to solve a single, common problem: name mispronunciation. To do this NameCoach provides a solution where users record their names so others can learn and remember how to say them perfectly. NameCoach offers two platforms: NameCoach Connect and Name Coach Commencement. NameCoach Connect's integration with top LMS platforms was of particular interest to me. They count Stanford, Pepperdine, and others among their clients in higher education. This new tool exemplifies the core of human centeredness: the expression of empathy by meeting someone where they are. NameCoach has an exciting future ahead of them.

My last trip for January took me to Boston. There, I led a half-day Service Blueprint Workshop for the Boston Center for Adult Education. Story+Structure's Service Blueprint is a tool we developed to help organizations see themselves from a customer's perspective. First we map the experience a customer goes through. Then we identify pain points. Finally we develop strategies to overcome those pain points. Founded in 1933, the BCAE continues to thrive by focusing on amazing experiences. I am excited to be working with the BCAE to design a new customer experience for this historic institution.

Over the past year we have developed several focused engagement offerings. These offerings focus Story+Structure's human centered approach on specific areas of the organization where we have found small changes can create a large impact. The Service Blueprint, Strategy Retreat, Brand Visioning, and others are new ways you can engage with us. Click here to connect with us.