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CSUCI Extended University was ready to move from their current CRM system into SalesForce. Like many of our new clients, CSUCI started their relationship with us with a goal of technology implementation as the end result of the project.

At Story+Structure we call this "leading with technology." This approach frames the initiative in the wrong way. It places people in a subordinate position to the technology. I believe this is an approach left over from what I call "the DOS days." Back then, we had to bend around the technology because it was so rudimentary. The demands of today's users, especially customers, is for a powerful tool that is intuitive, even delightful, to use. The only way to achieve this is to reverse the technology first method and lead with people. SalesForce on its own will not make your customer experience better. As a technology it can support a customer experience strategy. To this end, our first activity with CSUCI was to find out how people were experiencing CSUCI now.

Story+Structure kicked-off our engagement with our comprehensive Discovery product. We interviewed staff, students, and faculty. As well as conducting a brand analysis, competitive analysis, and technology review. Lastly, we completed a mapping of the current student experience using our Service Blueprint product. The results of the Discovery validated a lot of what CSUCI already knew:

  • They needed to improve their processes in several areas.
  • The organization needed to clarify and strengthen its brand identity.
  • The biggest barriers to enrollment growth were down-funnel.

Brand is the foundation of an experience driven organization. To your customer, your brand is a mental container they use to store their experiences with you (read more about our brand philosophy). Experience driven organizations understand this and use their brand to guide every experience. Before CSUCI could create a better customer experience, they had to first build a brand experience.

Story+Structure worked with CSUCI to develop a new brand identity. Our work with CSUCI led to a brand expression guide, a new tagline, and visual frame work.

Through working with Story+Structure, we developed unique branding for the Extension Division of our University with a winning tagline so coveted by campus leadership that they adopted it for campus wide leveraging.
— Janet Egiziano, Ed.D.

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