In Part I of our case study with CSUF’s UEE/IGPE divisions, we looked at their goals of revamping their service methods and branding, and the organizational changes that they could make to improve student and business success. In Part II we will continue to look at the critical transactions and classroom changes that are now transforming the student experience, as well as the early outcomes that UEE/IGPE is enjoying as a result of these extensive efforts.

Critical Transactions

  • Deploy an online registration system – mirror the online experience students have elsewhere
  • Refocus student services – rather than focusing on recruitment (a marketing function), have student services manage enrollment management and financial services
  • Eliminate high PCI security requirements – avoid security breaches with a registration process that does not store sensitive (even encrypted) data
  • Balance the service model – ensure that online and walk-in registrations are equally positive
  • Review customer satisfaction measures – define and document customer satisfaction measurements to ensure adherence

Classroom Experience

  • Explore student preferences – understand how students prefer to receive program information: email, print or a blend. Anticipate delivery dates based on course schedules.
  • Create a service blueprint – map the student journey after enrollment, through their program/course, and into alumni status
  • Continue the relationship – ensure that the student/school relationship continues after the program or course is completed

Next Steps & Early Outcomes

Following the extensive discovery and planning phases outlined above and in Part I , UEE/IGPE engaged us for a strategic Salesforce® CRM implementation. This, too, required rethinking and documenting internal processes and responsibilities from leading the creation of a strategic plan, rebranding/developing a brand expression guide, and identifying a strategic CRM marketing team, to identifying a strategic CRM recruitment team, performance benchmarking, and finance and administrative review. 

We led a strategic planning retreat for the UEE/IGPE executive team during which we collectively identified key preferred outcomes to align with strategic institutional goals. During this time, we recognized nine initiatives and the teams necessary to deliver each. The end result was a project charter that UEE/IGPE will use to communicate objectives and benchmarks to all stakeholders.


Taking into account the wide-ranging facts and planning recognized and outlined during the discovery phase, we worked with UEE/IGPE to develop a new brand identity. We looked at brand thesis and brand promises to develop a new brand expression guide for the divisions. Following this exercise, we were able to put into place a new service blueprint recognizing all touchpoints between prospects/students during their interest/buying journey in order to create a custom experience that reinforces UEE/IGPE and CSUF’s brand promises.

In order to maximize all of these efforts and the benefits of the CRM system, we advised UEE/IGPE to reorganize its marketing & communications team. Transitioning from a production shop creating marketing materials for recruitment, the team is now able to commit their efforts to lead generation. Similarly, we advised centralizing the recruitment process to allow dedicated individuals to concentrate on mapping the student journey, lead nurturing, and ensuring the customer experience meets expectations.

Finally, in performance benchmarking and finance review, we were able to help UEE/IGPE evaluate internal performance against benchmarks for other extended education units. Our deep experience with diverse clients in the PCE space has given us unique insights and valuable data in these areas.

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