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Creating a New Brand Identity for a Global Medical Device Innovator

After more than 25 years as a pioneer and global leader in the manufacture of heart assist and replacement devices, Abiomed was in need of a total rebrand. The new identity included virtually every aspect of Abiomed's marketing, sales, investor relations, education, human resources, as well as patient and clinician outreach efforts.



  • Brand identity had not kept pace with growth and innovation of the company.
  • Struggled with perception of being cold, clinical medical device makers.
  • Brand lacked human touch - lost sight of who truly benefits from Abiomed’s devices.
  • Internal “free-for-all” when it came to marketing materials.
  • Lacked cohesive message and identity.


  • Design new logo and develop tagline that speaks to the goal of helping patients recover.

  • Refresh brand with all-new photo library that focuses on real people and real success stories.

  • Templated all sales collateral into a modular self-service system that was simple to deploy and remained on-brand.

  • Ensure that solutions from the new brand were able to extend to every part of the company.


Brand Identity

The most immediate and visible change was a complete redesign of the Abiomed logo accompanied by a new tagline that reinforces what the company has always been about: "Recovering hearts. Saving lives." The symbol represents the four chambers of the heart.

In an effort to to humanize the brand, it was critical to represent the individuals who benefitted from Abiomed's technology. As often as possible, actual patients whose lives were saved by Abiomed devices were featured. 


Education and Outreach

A major component of the new brand the education of patients, clinicians, and even Abiomed employees about the most current Abiomed technologies as well as the latest medical knowledge. 

These initiatives include an online learning portal, user manuals, and technical documentation.

User Interface

Abiomed's Symphony device is a minimally invasive implantable heart pump designed to slow the progression of heart failure and help the heart heal. Because Symphony is primarily used in critical situations, the goal was to develop an interface that displayed all options and variables at a glance, allowing for quick adjustments as necessary.

All functionality was reduced to two primary navigation buttons and four tabs, allowing quick access to each of the console's functions.



Dave + Abiomed

Since 2005, Dave has provided strategic marketing and creative solutions for nearly every internal team inside of Abiomed – from marketing and sales to product development to patient, employee and clinician outreach.

"It has been extremely gratifying to partner alongside them on this incredible journey, knowing that Abiomed is saving and improving the lives of more patients every year."

- Dave Miranda, VP, Creative, S+S


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