Alvin, TX

Favorite book:
Happiness Hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

Random fact:
A unicorn once kicked Chuck Norris. That is why they no longer exist

How do you make Story+Structure do its magic? 
With a carrot and a stick.

As VP of Strategy, Guy combines his deep experience in marketing and recruiting with Story+Structure’s human-centered design ethos to help clients build systems that identify and engage desired audiences with authenticity and empathy. He is involved in every project across all client engagements and provides leadership and support throughout all stages of a project.

Prior to joining Story+Structure, Guy worked for the University of Houston, where he led marketing and recruiting for adult professional and workforce development programs. As Director of Marketing and Enrollment Support at U of H’s School of Continuing and Professional Studies, Guy led multiple CRM implementations, rebranding initiatives, and website redesigns. He is a frequent speaker at higher ed conferences at the regional and national levels.

Guy holds a B.S. In Psychology from the University of Houston and has worked in construction management, the non-profit space, owned a small business, and worked on his family’s rice farm. Guy enjoys exploring the world, playing the piano, and eating and drinking in the company of good friends.

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