Case Study

HPV Awareness for a Underserved Community

Holly Fontenot, Ph.D., RN, WHNP-BC, has dedicated her career to helping underserved populations. Her latest study focused on increasing HPV awareness and vaccinations for young gay men of color.

Story+Structure was chosen as the design partner for this critical healthcare initiative. The project was funded by National Institutes of Health.



  • S+S led all UI/UX design and implementation which was driven by the primary objective of HPV education. Our secondary goal was to encourage as many users as possible to set up appointments to get an HPV vaccination

  • Developed a series of videos and ads to support the user experience


  • Low level of awareness about the prevalence and risks of HPV among target audience, who also happen to be the most at-risk

  • Target audience was nearly impossible to engage through traditional social media channels

  • Concerns about personal privacy and general lack of trust made traditional engagement difficult

Project Details


Introducing HealthTea

Designed and developed by S+S, HealthTea is a seamless, web-based healthcare app that helps educate Boston-area, gay males aged 17–28 about the human papilloma virus (HPV). The app can also be used to schedule appointments and track vaccinations. Data and results captured through HealthTea will be used to expand the app to target a national audience in the future.

Recruiting on Jack’d and Grindr

S+S designed and developed an online advertising campaign to drive users to the app. Through a series of targeted focus-groups and interviews, it was determined that advertising within a dating app environment would yield the highest number of impressions. Testing also revealed that explicit humor was a effective strategy to generate a high click-through rate.

Video Development

To build trust and increase engagement, S+S developed videos to run within the app that feature a host who is not only a member of the target audience but is also a nurse at the clinic where vaccinations take place.

Welcome video produced by Story+Structure

Directions video produced by Story+Structure

PSA video produced by Story+Structure

Client Feedback

I knew Story+Structure from their work with the Fenway Health Institute. After one conversation with Chokdee (founder), I knew that human-centered design would be essential to the success of this project.
— Holly Fontenot, Ph.D., RN, WHNP-BC