SPECIAL ADVISER: Healthcare, Population Health, and LGBTQ Advocacy

Davis, CA

Favorite book(s):
For fun I like to read “mind candy”; yep… dime store romance novels

Random fact:
I am a pretty good painter.

How do you make Story+Structure do its magic? 
Nursing and human-centered design are synergistic. I bring the health promotion lens to design. As a nurse and scientist, I have a social contract with society to act responsibly and be mindful of public trust, to protect, promote and optimize health, to view each individual and community holistically and to understand how environment affects health.

Holly B. Fontenot, PhD, RN/NP is an Associate Professor at Boston College and Adjunct Faculty at The Fenway Institute.Dr. Fontenot’s program of research focuses on fostering and advocating for positive sexual health as integral to overall health and wellbeing, prevention of sexually transmitted infections, and innovative ways to reduce the known health disparities associated with STIs, in particular disparities related to the human papillomavirus.