Case Study

Pivoting from Manufacturing to Healthcare

Artaic, known for its innovative robotics software for manufacturing large scale mosaics, wanted to pivot into healthcare.

Artaic's new venture, Insightfil, believed it could positively influence medication adherence. Insightfil set out to rethink medication management, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution.

Story+Structure had previously worked with Artaic to develop an integrated approach and custom software for design, production, delivery, and operations of its mosaic business. Since S+S understood how Artaic's existing business, we were a natural partner to help launch its new venture. 


  • S+S helped the team develop a better understanding healthcare through the lens of the patient experience. This lead to a more holistic go-to-market strategy and customer experience strategy.

  • S+S created a patient experience map to serve as a living document to reference, revise, and update the customer experience strategy as the company grows.


  • Pivoting into a new industry presented a whole new set of "unknowns."

  • The majority of the team had worked in the manufacturing wing of the company and were new to healthcare.

  • Client had a business plan without understanding the needs of the end user: the patient.

Project Details


Challenge: Taking on adherence

Over 60 million Americans struggle to manage their medication regiment. Non-adherence results in over $300 billion in avoidable medical costs.

Insightfil believed it could positively influence medication adherence through Artaic's innovative approach to software and robotics technology. It set out to rethink medication management, packaging, fulfillment, and distribution.

Early funding was provided by a grant from the National Institutes of Health grant.


Solution: Mapping out the patient experience

Human-centered design always begins with the end user. In healthcare, the patient is the end user, and their health and well being is one of the ultimate metrics.

To build a deep understanding of patient wants, needs, and behavior, S+S developed a patient experience map that indexed every touch point along the patient journey. From diagnosis to pharmacy fulfillment through on-going support, this visualization helped the Insightfil team understand what patients feel and experience. It also helped Insightfil turn a traditional, "siloed" organizational perspective on its side to see how all the touch points connect to create a singular brand experience.

Our findings shifted the Insightfil team's understanding of how all the pieces fit together: everything from the overall business opportunity, the packaging, the clinical experience, to the design of key digital experiences.

Client Feedback

The patient experience map developed by S+S changed how we understood everything about our new healthcare initiative. We still look at it every day.
— Michael Trachtman, CIO, Insightfil