InterSystems Corporation — a global leader in advanced software technologies in strategic interoperability, big data, healthcare, rapid development, and cloud deployment — was seeking to rethink its global training program. 

InterSystems had employed a brick & mortar classroom experience and a “train-the-trainer” approach, but the sales staff was looking to grow its training capabilities to meet growing customer needs. 

Long respected and renowned for its customer service, Vice President of Client Services, John Paladino, reframed this as an opportunity to shift training towards a more robust “framework of learning.” 

John Paladino recognized that building a new system requires a certain disruption to an organization usually necessitating a shift in company culture. InterSystems went into this project with “eyes wide open” and the courage to “start over.” This bootstrapping attitude helped lead the way for more creative and holistic approach across the entire organization. 

InterSystems partnered with Story+Structure and our technology partner Appsembler to design and develop a prototype for a few select clients to serve as a proof of concept for a global training platform. 

Initially InterSystems focused on technology but through our work together understood that user experience should lead the way for which all related activities, i.e., features, staffing, launch strategy, etc. This allowed InterSystems to be very intentional about each step of development including how to scale it and support it. 

With a lens on the customer journey, Story+Structure also worked with InterSystems to develop communication strategies to promote the new learning platform, gather feedback, and drive user adoption. Internal company buy-in was key and critical to the success of a larger deployment.

According to John Paladino, the project resulted in broadening opportunities for Support, Sales, and Development: 

“It enabled us to share information more effectively, to drive adoption, to better enable client success, and to promote a culture of learning. The biggest things we got out of our engagement is the value of design and how to approach it. Story+Structure challenged us to think differently and we needed to be challenged. We would not have gotten here as fast we have without their help.”