Case Study

Global Online Learning

InterSystems, a global leader in advanced software technologies, needed to expand its training capabilities to meet growing customer needs.

InterSystems called on Story+Structure to help design a global online training experience and disrupt company culture to drive change. 



  • Developed custom learning management system on Open EdX platform supporting over 5000 students and 600 courses

  • Helped create a culture of learning "anytime, anyplace, and anywhere"

  • Helped InterSystems embrace a human-centered approach to strategy, design, and implementation


  • Introducing a new service to a global workforce and client base

  • Managing customer and vendor expectations

  • Driving user adoption

  • Shifting internal culture & paradigms

Project Details


Challenge: A culture change was needed for a successful outcome

InterSystems was well known for its innovations including strategic interoperability, big data, healthcare, rapid development, and cloud deployment. It was very respected for its client services. Training was provided at onsite at its Cambridge MA headquarters and through a  "train-the-trainer" program. While both models were effective, InterSystems needed to rethink training to keep up with its growing customer base.

VP of Client Services, John Paladino, decided it was time to implement online learning. Paladino recognized that the success of a new global platform would require a disruptive approach: "This was an opportunity to shift training towards a more robust framework of learning.”


Solution: Human-centered strategy to scaling massively 

Story+Structure worked with the company's Learning Services team to shift the thinking from "if you build it, they would come" to a human-centered approach. We interviewed staff, vendors, and customers to better understand their needs and their perception of this shift away from localized training. It was clear that rolling out a new platform required a deliberate and thoughtful strategy. 


We started prototyping on the Open edX platform. Open edX was selected by InterSystems for its ability to scale quickly to large audiences. 

It was team effort with Learning Services guiding instructional design, Appsembler leading technology development, and Story+Structure handling design strategy, user experience, and project management

Together, we rolled out prototypes for InterSystems two largest products: HealthShare and TrakCare. Testing took place in Scotland and the United Kingdom.


S+S helped InterSystems understand that user experience should lead the way for which all related activities, i.e., features, staffing, launch strategy, etc. This allowed InterSystems to be very intentional about each step of development including how to scale it and support it.

S+S helped develop communication strategies to promote the new learning platform, gather feedback, and drive user adoption. Internal company buy-in was key and critical to the success of a larger deployment.

Client Feedback

Story+Structure lead us through a comprehensive transformation from several decades of Documentation and Training to a strategy of “Learn Anywhere, Anytime.” We changed how we worked, doubled the size of our Learning Department, and turned cost centers into a competitive advantage that helped drive more sales - and we got it done in 1 year!
— John Paladino, VP, Client Service, InterSystems