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S+S teams up with Feeding Flock to tackle pediatric eating disorders

JUL 2018 - The Feeding Flock research team, based out of Boston College and UNC Chapel Hill, is dedicated to partnering with families to nurture children with feeding difficulties. S+S will be working the Feeding Flock team to create new digital assessment tools for parents, caregivers, providers, and researchers.


S+S selected to patient decision aid for genetic testing

JUN 2018 - Dr. Andrew Dwyer of Boston College Connell School of Nursing is partnering with S+S to create a scalable, modular approach to supporting decision-making for genetic testing, and overcoming genetic health disparities that could be adapted to wide range of genetic diseases.


Holly Fontenot joins S+S as Special Adviser for Healthcare

JUN 2018 - Dr. Holly Fontenot will be advising S+S on healthcare, population health, and LGBTQ Advocacy. As a nurse and scientist, Holly has dedicated her career to protect, promote and optimize health for individuals and communities.

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Kevin Johnson named Senior Strategist to guide diversity, equity, and inclusion practice

JUN 2018 - As Senior Strategist at S+S, Kevin brings nearly two decades of global experience helping organizations develop strategies that create more open and inclusive learning and business environments.

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S+S welcomes Virginia Tech, Osgoode, and National University

MAY/JUN 2018 - We are happy and excited to welcome Virginia Tech, Osgoode Professional Development at York University, and National University as our newest higher ed clients.


S+S awarded contract for Wisconsin-Madison

APR 2018 - S+S was awarded a contract to provide Brand Strategy, Marketing Services, Web Development, Photography and Videography Services.


Dave Miranda named VP Creative

FEB 2018 - Whether through video, print, digital media, broadcast, or social, Dave has been creating memorable and engaging brand experiences for more than 20 years (he's far too humble to tell you this himself).

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Meni Sarris joins S+S as VP Education

MAR 2018 - Meni combines a slightly over-the-top level of enthusiasm with a lot of creativity and strategic thinking to help universities, programs and classes reach their highest potential.

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S+S welcomes Drexel University & Cazenovia College

MAR/APR 2018 - S+S welcomes Drexel University and Cazenovia College as our newest higher ed clients.


Senior Experience Designer Rich Le to lead UX design for S+S

MAR 2018 - Rich cultivates and integrates many interests to interesting and arresting effect, coloring inside and outside the lines of magic, music, and visual storytelling.

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Field Notes


On The Road With Guy Felder, VP Strategy

Hello from Houston! If there was a theme to my Q1 travels it would be snow. It seems like 90% of the trips I took were from a warm climate (Houston) to a cold one. We had our share of winter in Houston this year with three snow events (first time that has happened since 1973). Somewhere around the end of January to mid-February spring comes to southeast Texas. Friends, it’s hard to go from flip-flops and shorts to snow.

“On the Road with Guy” is a regular feature of the S+S blog.


Happy Birthday!

This March 2018, S+S celebrates its 11th year of business. In the spirit of Nigel Tufnel from Spinal Tap, S+S Founder Chokdee Rutirasiri  asked: "How do go one louder?"

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S+S launches HealthTea

MAR 2018 - S+S and Dr. Holly Fontenot launched HealthTea - an app to support a National Institutes of Health study on HPV awareness and vaccination.

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Madison Thompson reflects on what we can learn personally and professionally from the racial incident at Starbucks

MAY 2018 - Matt brings over thirty years of experience in conflict resolution, cross-cultural issues, diversity management, cultural competency training, and large-group facilitation.

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