Inkster, MI

Favorite book:
Owning Your Own Shadow by Robert Johnson

Random fact:
I used to be the Massachusetts State Middle Weight Tae Kwon Do champion… back when I was a middle weight.

How do you make Story+Structure do its magic? 
Hopefully, by helping the smart, creative people work more collaboratively!

Matt’s expertise in mediation and conflict resolution helps clients develop empathy and understanding for internal staff, key constituents, and external audiences.

Matt brings over thirty years of experience in conflict resolution, cross-cultural issues, diversity management, cultural competency training, and large-group facilitation. He helps to identify and manage critical human factors and communication workflow to establish goals, objectives, and benchmarks critical to long term success.

Previously, Matt was the Director of Affirmative Action & Multicultural Affairs at UMass Boston and led diversity initiatives and workshops at The Boston Company, MIT, Berklee College of Music and National Grid.

Matt holds a B.S. in Health Sciences from Northeastern University. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to a cappella singing and Delta Blues music while sipping a decent rum.