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Cambridge, MA

Favorite book(s):
The design books I haven't already read... 

Random fact:
In addition to design, I performed and conceived my own magical illusions, while studying to go to Med School.

How do you make Story+Structure do its magic? 
By getting to the heart of an issue, challenging ideas, and always approaching problems from multiple angles.

Rich cultivates and integrates many interests to interesting and arresting effect, coloring inside and outside the lines of magic, music, and visual storytelling. His career as a designer has been driven by a passion to create what he calls "The Vibe". After studying pre-med and psychology at Northeastern University, Rich shifted his everyday focus to the discipline of design. 

With experience working in finance, non-profits, and healthcare, Rich has been faced with a wide array of complex challenges. Rich has designed B2B financial solutions, entire digital ecosystems for the pharmaceutical space, and solely founded a non-profit whose mission was to promote art amongst high-risk youth in the City of Boston. 

His passion drives him to continuously push the envelope on how we interact with objects and solve problems. An established designer, he joins S+S to further their mission of promoting the power of human-centered design's ability to create impact.