A Human-centered Design Firm

We are focused and committed to creating social change through design and education.



Kristina Landau comes to Story+Structure after successful careers in hospitality and renewable energy. Kristina’s leadership and operational skills guides our firm, soup-to-nuts. As a certified yoga teacher, she ensures we find a healthy balance within our projects.



Madison “Matt” Thompson brings over 30 years of experience in conflict resolution, cross-cultural issues, diversity management, cultural competency training, and large-group facilitation. Matt is our “Obi-Wan Kenobi” and keeps us centered and grounded.


Mike T

Mike Trachtman has over 20 years of experience organizing teams and architecting digital products and software solutions using a wide range of technologies. While Mike’s technology background is deep, his focus on creating engaging and intuitive user experiences is even deeper.



Kevin Johnson brings nearly two decades of global experience helping organizations to develop more open and inclusive learning and business environments.



For more than 20 years, Dave Miranda has helped global brands create or strengthen their presence. His work has impacted technology, healthcare, biopharma, consumer products, education, music, arts, and professional services. Dave always makes sure we’re having fun too.


Mike K

Michael Kastler brings technology, communication, and education together in his work. Michael is the host and producer of Tech Talk -- one of the longest running technology talk/interview radio programs in the Midwest (over 12 years).



As a nurse and scientist, Holly Fontenot has a social contract with society to act responsibly and be mindful of public trust, to protect, promote and optimize health, to view each individual and community holistically, and to understand how environment affects health.



Rich Le’s passion drives him to continuously push the envelope on how we interact with objects and solve problems.



As a certified life coach, Dr. Roxanne Kymaani is a thought provoker and transformation catalyst. She specializes in group relations, identity construction, dialogue facilitation, leadership development, diversity, inclusion, equity, community building, with an emphasis on self-awareness, compassion, authenticity, and collective discovery. 



William Frey (he/they) is a doctoral student at Columbia University's School of Social Work and the coordinator of SAFElab. He is trained in qualitative methodologies, including: grounded theory, ethnography (digital), and textual and contextual analysis.



Cat Jensen (they/she) has spent nearly a decade working in museums as an actor, teacher, program coordinator, gallery manager and curriculum creator. A workshop facilitator trained in examining identity, race, gender, sexuality, ability and the need for cultural equity, their work centers around creating  public space intentional about social justice and transformation. They work with museum staff, volunteers and communities to research, design and implement change for a better museum and a better world. 



Chōkdee founded Story+Structure on the belief that thoughtful design can positively impact people’s lives and environment. Chōkdee has designed experiences for health and human services, education, arts, human resources, manufacturing, government, technology, startups, and non-profits.